How to Stay Warm While Camping in Cold Places

Staying warm while camping in the cold will make the difference between having an enjoyable cold weather camping trip and a miserable, potentially life threatening trip. Some of the most beautiful places in the world are also the coldest, and to experience them properly you need to make sure you’re well prepared.


Naturally the first priority is to make sure you’ve packed the right clothes. Camping in conditions that are cold requires a lot more planning. Here’s a list of the essential clothes you’ll need so you can stay warm.

Base Layer: The layer that connects with your skin. Base layers are tight, and thick. You’ll want your base layer to be made of material that is thick and dries quickly since the last thing you want is wet clothes.


Middle Layer: The middle layer is what provides the base level of insulation. Fleece and down type materials are ideal here.


Outer Layer: This is your protective layer. The outer layer clothing are there to protect you from the elements, wind, rain, snow etc. Laminates and polyurethane coated materials are what you want here.


Boots: The type of boots you choose will depend on the conditions you’re camping in. Whatever the conditions I recommend you get a pair of well insulated boots with good grip.


Extra Winter Camping Accessories


Gloves: Don’t leave without a good pair of gloves. In fact, take a spare pair!

Hats: Same as gloves, take an extra couple too. If your hat gets wet you’re in trouble.

Gaiters: If you’re going to an area that’s snow/ice covered then take a pair of gaiters for your boots.

Socks: A good woolen pair of socks to add extra insulation inside your boots will pay dividends when out in the cold weather.

Goggles and Sun Glasses: Protecting your eyes from the wind and sun is essential. Depending on the conditions take sun glasses and goggles.

Backpack: A proper camping backpack that you can keep all your gear in is crucial. You should always pack extras of most things for camping in sub-zero conditions. I recommend one that’s comfortable for your body shape/type. Try one out before you buy it. Since you’ll be packing so much extra gear, your pack will be heavy.