Social Media alternatives

When it’s about your phone or the device, it’s just the possibility to have the very common and maximum used Whatsapp or the facebook but do you know, there are also some other apps and software that can make all these chats and social networking better? Yes, there are better serving apps and applications that can actually make our presence in the social network a more prominent and strong one. All these days we have not been using them, probably did not even know about them because we were unaware of their presence and were of the thought that these two or probably the other similar ones were the best.

Technology is developing at a rapid pace and it is trying to introduce many new things into this social communication world. So a frequent hunt or research about this should be organized so that people get to know about the newer ones in the market which could actually make us feel even more better than using these regular ones. Now let’s take a look at few of the very popular unknown ones to us in the market. Try to get familiarized with them so that it is easy for you to make things better from your side.

  • Kik – this is very similar to the commonly used Whatsapp with a small difference, it comes with a built-in browser. This can be used for chatting, sharing videos and photos and all that a Whatsapp account can do for you.
  • Wechat – another very similar messaging app that is equally popular to facebook. You can chat, share media files, locations and also you will be given the option to choose the language of your preference for chatting.

Most of such apps require your number as the base chat nr of course with exceptions that might demand your sign-in details.

Skincare Advice from Top Supermodels

Have you ever imagined how the lives of supermodels would be? Well yes, absolutely beautiful and splendid but their lives are even more tedious and exhausting than a common person’s regular life. It is not an easy job to look beautiful and remain ever glamorous. Much effort goes into this.

Here are 5 top skincare cire beauty treatments shared by some of the top supermodels.

  1. Kendall Jenner warns people not to touch their faces. She suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder of washing her face at least three times a day ever since her modeling Jenner says that the reason for doing this is that she wears a lot of makeup and that all the time. Hence, washing her face is an essential to-do item as a part of her skincare regime.
  2. Another supermodel who swears by Jenner’s theory is Erin Heatherton. She too believes that that most effective skin care treatment is to keep your face clean by rinsing it with warm water followed by a diet that is rich in Vitamin A to get a clear and healthy skin. Heatherton also states that if you use too many products on your skin, it will only lead to skin irritation.
  3. Supermodels Shanina Shaik and Bella Haris believe that the key to good skin is moisturizing. The theory behind this is that wearing makeup all the time leads to dehydration of the skin. Thus, in order to quench the thirst of your skin, you keep the skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing your skin day and night using suitable lotions.
  4. Victoria Secret’s supermodel Jasmine Tookes believes in ice power. Tookes says that applying ice to your face helps tighten the skin and regulate blood flow.

Runway professional, Olivia Hunter’s secret to flawless skin is steam therapy. Hunter says that applying thick layers of makeup results in dirt deposition in the pores and a steam facial will help the pores to open up and clean it out completely.

This Year’s Top PC Games

There is no age limit when it comes to PC games, right form a teenager to a working professional and even older people. It is so fascinating to see some old people playing these games with their grand children. It is the love for games that keeps you young at heart. This could be an addiction at times but it is also a best way to stimulate your brain. For instance, when you are learning to drive a car, it really helps you coordinate and judge better if you had played some video games. Your reflex is great when you keep playing these games and you respond better generally. To know more on these games go to gaming news hier klicken.

This year’s top games definitely include Cuphead and a lot of players claim it is completely worth the wait. The illustrations which are handmade in the game do not fail to attract anyone who sets their eyes on these. In the first person shooter games, Wolfenstein 2 definitely makes a mark. These shooting games have specific set of followers who never could be satisfied and that is the main reason every game comes up with second part. These games never go out of style and remain to be a sensation.

Observer is a typical mind game that many have loved this year. It is simply a fascination for many to play police officers. This game in particular lets the user be a sophisticated police officer who enthralls every victim with the way he takes up a case. It clearly is a representation of the society this minute. The officer clearly uses every technology and the latest weapons that one could think of. It is a clever game that has kept many players hooked on to it this year. The ambience and the set up attract you and keep you addicted!


Word Cookie Tips and Tricks

One game which intrigues the player intrigues the gamer till today is the Word Cookie game. It may look very simple and the moment you start playing you just get hooked on to it. This word finding game can be played at anytime with any mobile devices. This game has been made famous by its creator Bit mango.

To start the game the first few puzzle packs are comparatively easy to finish like the Butter Level. There are various levels like Milk, Banana, Coffee, Oatmeal, Vanilla and list goes on as the letter words get tougher. The goal is to find from the letters the correct words. Care should be taken as certain words are not accepted. Repeated trials may sometimes not lead to the correct word, take a break, keep the mind fresh and get into the next level. There are clues to find the correct letter to the word and the word cookies answers on the site too, it is best to figure it out ourselves.

Hints which help as the game gets challenging it is wise to save up all the coins earned, as the coins can be redeemed to get the clues only in a dire situation.

Usually the easier words are easy to notice and a little methodical playing will help in advancing to the next stage of the interesting game. The two letter word combination can be tried and then go on to the three letter words which boost the confidence of the player and keep playing the next sets. The letter cookie in your oven has to be organized into words, which really improves vocabulary, challenges your brain to think out of the box. Word Cookies are virtual treats to player’s mind, so enjoy letter hunting as the apps get updated every time.

How To Listen To Your Favourite Books On The Go?

Reading books can be a great way to beat stress and while away your time. It is not a way to waste time but a way to spend your spare time, judiciously. This is because, when you read, you are gathering information and increasing your knowledge base.

Where To Read

Who said you can read a book only on your favorite chair or on your bed before you go to sleep? Here are a few places you can read your book at:

  • At the café you are waiting to get your coffee. Rather than looking at people around you or browsing through the messages on your phone, grab a book and enjoy it in the new location.
  • Waiting at the Doctor’s? Reading a book will help you while away the time and help you stay relaxed, even if you are waiting for couple of hours.
  • One can even read books while traveling

However, not everyone is comfortable with type of a reading. In such cases, where one cannot flip through the pages and read, they can always listen to them. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you would be aware of how long it took to read those books. Also, the name of some of the characters and the spells are not easy to get. Harry Potter audiobooks can make it so much easier.

When you are listening to the audio of the book, not only will you cover the story faster, you will not have to carry a heavy book along with your other items too. SO how can you hear it?

  • There are many places where you can download online audio book versions. Once you download it, transfer it to your smart phone or iPad.
  • Ensure you carry your earphones around
  • Once you plug it in you can start listening to your favorite books on the go

One has to ensure the volume is not too high as it may disturb other people around you. This is very convenient as one need not worry about losing the page they were reading wither.

Ways To Impress Your Crush

Everyone has a crush on someone at some point in their life. It could be your innocent childhood days in school or your well grown adult years where you are not able to meet the eye of that pretty girl in your office.

There are many ways to impress your crush and using words is one of them. Though it is a clichéd fact that girls love flowers and gifts, words can get your way to her heart too.

Wondering where to Find the words to express your love? Here are some tips:

  • There are many websites online that has love quotes for you to choose from. Rather than taking the first quote you see, browse through the collection. You are bound to find something you can relate to. Probably something that reminds you of her or some conversation you both had. Take such a quote as it will sound more personalized.
  • If she is fond of books, find out her favorite author and browse for quotes by that author. It could be in one of their books or some random quote they used in an interview. Using such a quote will tell her you are aware of her interests and you care to spend time knowing more about it.
  • If she is fond of movies or has a favorite movie (everyone has a favorite movie) choose a quote from that movie. It can be romantic or funny too. Even funny quotes can get the attention you are seeking. It can express your love in a different way.

When you are have selected the quote, write it down in a nice piece of paper or on a card, whichever way you plan to give it to her. Ensure the words are legible and she can read it easily. If you are getting it printed, use a simple font as many fancy fonts don’t turn out legible when too many words are strung together.

Dazzling Pictures that make you go crazy!


Many people are under the impression of staying single due to many explained and few unexplained reasons. But, few get married for many reasons, and few of the reasons are the grandiosity that is involved, the overwhelming feel that comes with it, and finally the wedding photos that will make you want to get married. These are the most recent few reasons that we got to hear from people.

Well, what makes a wedding photo that appealing? Why are people so behind it, the sole reason to get married, it sounds magical, but we would want to know! Hence we discovered further to find out the reasons. Read on to know yourself.

Lanterns all the way to light up your wedding night!

Yes, there are floating lanterns, specially sent across on the wedding night, before the couple reach the stage for a cordial reception, in an open air, which lights up the place beautifully. With that you also have lanterns all across the floor, to light your way and brighten your life. Would you resist it?

There’s rain, snow amidst your wedding vow!

Yes, creating rain showers that are as mild as vapours and snow are created to fall upon in the open theatre, to make the wedding ritual more unforgettable experience. We are pretty sure many girls fall up here, to experience this special magical feel.

There are special sparklers created especially for weddings!

Yes, this is absolutely true. You can see people lighting up sparkles all-round the couple and give that sparkly effect to the already beautiful couple, making the night all the more special and bright. Who wouldn’t want to get married in such an overwhelming ambience? Definitely all sparkles for this!!

These are few of the trendiest ones, now! We will be back with more!


Building confidence

There are very few who can hold a mike and sing on stage. It is all about confidence. Children need to be trained to sing-speak boldly without being overly conscious of their surroundings. This boldness in kids needs to be nurtured at a very young age. Schools have only now opened up to the fact that all age children should be given an opportunity to stand up in front of an audience on stage or of the stage. This awareness is slowly seeping into the parents as well. But in most cases, parents decide themselves if a child is capable of performing or not. Thus some very smart and extrovert children always bag the chance to speak. It is mandatory to encourage as adults all children from different walks of life to build the confidence to show their talent in front of people.

The exposure is very crucial to bring about a change, comparisons though should be avoided. Children should be first made to feel confident in behaving and most importantly being themselves around people. Not categorizing them is very important as well. Activities like singing and dancing in groups help to reduce their inhibitions. Schools and in homes if kids are encouraged to participate it can really help mold them in the right way. Online and in shops, there are many such consoles which have the best singing games and activities for kids which can be easily bought. Holding a colorful microphone and play with friends, or sing in front of the mirror increases confidence and boosts the self-image of a child. Such games and songs which a child can sing along are not very expensive and a good variety as compared to the expensive games and toys available in the market now. As it is available in many languages it can be bought as per choice.

Reasons Why Every Woman Needs A Louis Vuitton Bag

Nothing beats the luxury of owning a designer handbag. The fashion industry is branching out and we now have a long list of designers that are popular worldwide. But there are very few that have influence the fashion industry as much as Louis Vuitton.

Here are some reasons why every woman should own a LV bag:

  1. LV bags are always high quality:

The quality offered by the brand has been one thing that has been consistent from the day of inception. It has been decades since the brand came into existence. But till date every bag made by the brand boasts of the same signature quality.

  1. There is something for everyone:

LV bags are versatile. They are not just for the youngsters nor for the fashionistas. There are bags that are classy and would win the hearts of even those who love minimalism. No matter what your tastes in fashion would be you are sure to find a bag to suit your style from this brand.

  1. They are globally popular:

You own a LV bag, no matter which corner of the world you are in, people would instantly recognize it. It has become a symbol of fashion and owning one would only put forth your excellent tastes in fashion.

  1. They go with every outfit:

There are limitless options when it comes to buying LV bags. There are numerous bag materials, collections, colors and textures to pick from. This means that you would be able to find one to complement every outfit you put together.

  1. Great resale value:

LV bags fetch great resale values. So when you decide to revamp your wardrobe, you can always sell your old LV bag for a good price and buy a new one. There are numerous vendors that buy used LV bags.

How To Go About Renting A Limousine

Renting limousines or a fleet of cars for a special occasion is an important arrangement that needs to be looked into well in advance.  Most people book limousines for executive airport transportations, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and even on memorable trips to special destinations. Delaying the bookings might land you in an awkward situation especially if you are unable to find a vehicle or a limousine of your choice and for the exact time- period that you need it for. Before you make your bookings anywhere it is always advisable to research a couple of services to check out the facilities provided by them as well as compare the pricing.

Here are some features that you must look for in a perfect ride-

  • Comfortable seating

Stylish and comfy leather seats to make your guests feel on top of the world in the lap of luxury.

  • A good quality music system and high-resolution TV

Having a nice surround sound system and a flat screen HD TV makes the riding experience, even more, better and enjoyable listening to your favorite music and watching your favorite videos can be an ultimate experience for those who love music and the likes.

  • An efficient intercom system

To communicate instructions to the chauffeur or if you need some privacy you need to have an efficient intercom system. In case you need to talk to him you can just do so on the phone, without having to knock on the glass or yelling out to him.

  • A well-stocked bar

A limo without a stylish bar is absolutely unthinkable and unheard of. Having to choose your favorite drink and have it too makes the ride twice as much enjoyable.

  • A Bluetooth connection

In today’s tech- savvy world having a limo with a Bluetooth connection is a must. Bluetooth connections will enable your guest to stream their choice of music or use the speakers to make calls.

Though there are many in the car and limo business, this limo business in Vancouver has got a great reputation and you will most certainly find the above features with them.

A Router Could Be Your Way To Seamless Internet

If you have a good internet plan with high speed internet but still wondering why you still face interruptions? Your existing router could be the reason.

While opting for internet service for your home network, we tend to pay attention to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and may be what plan is best suited for your home network. Often very little attention is paid to the router which often decides whether you can enjoy seamless internet or not.

The next time you experience issues in your internet service, if nothing else seems wrong you could check for certain factors in your router. There are many options in variants in routers to choose from. But there are also some simple steps to undertake to ensure good in

Where is router situated?

Often where your router is placed hinders good internet connection. Ideally a high quality wifi routers for your home should be located centrally at a height away from any other obstruction or gadget. You may still find some dead spots within the house especially with a Wi-Fi connection.

Is your router too old?

A router may also get outdated and not work as well as before. Like any electrical gadgets, a router also has limited working span. Your internet service could be getting interrupted because of an outdated old router. Replacing it may help improve your internet service.

Whether to choose single band or double band?

A single band has 2.4GHz while a double band has 5.0GHz. Choosing which one best for your home network depends upon how many devices are expected to be used. If there are multiple devices being used on one connection then a double band works best. For limited usage single band works perfectly fine.

Must you opt for a Gigabyte router?

With fiber connections becoming more and more common, upgrading your router may be a good option. If you are considering upgrading your router then opt for a Gigabyte router.

Following these simple steps along with a feasible internet plan from a good ISP and your Wi-Fi connection is good to go.

Entering The World Of Buying YouTube Views

Who likes to view YouTube videos that have just a handful of views? Almost no one. If you have YouTube videos ready for upload, that you wish to get to the top, this is something you must remember.

How to make your YouTube video appear popular? 

To gain people’s trust and make them believe your videos are worth their time, there is a simple solution. Buying YouTube views.

Even if it may seem inappropriate, creating fake views creates an impression of the video being socially established, liked and worthwhile. This may increase the interest level of a viewer who might watch your video and eventually even subscribe to your channel and become a regular.

Are there any guidelines to follow? 

While there are no specific guidelines to follow while buying YouTube views, one must take following points into consideration.

  • Do proper research of all the websites providing ‘YouTube views’ and eliminate the shady ones.
  • Go through reviews of verified reviewers to help choose the right vendor.
  • Avoid buying YouTube views in huge numbers for a single video, which make your video, appear fake. Maintain a steady number of views per video, that appear authentic and popular
  • Check the prices all other vendors before buying YouTube views from one. Check if they are not overpriced and practically looting you.
  • They also cannot be way too cheap to be genuine.
  • Always pay through a safe mode of money transfer.
  • If you don’t feel good about a particular website, don’t hire them, there are many options to choose from.

The payment procedure with these websites is fairly simple, though it may differ individually. You usually have to mention the url of the video you’re buying YouTube views for, along with the number of views you wish to buy. You are them guided to the payment option. And once you’re done paying, in no time you’ll have yourself a potential no.1 ranking video. With increased number of views, you can surely create the much required hype for your video.


Buying YouTube Views: How It Works And Understanding The Necessity.

Would you buy a car, or go for a movie, or order an item online without reading reviews of the product or activity you are interested in? No, right? Same happens when you surf YouTube to view videos of your interest. Gone are the days when people uploading data on YouTube used to depend on genuine reviews to promote their work. This is the era of buying YouTube views.

How buying views on YouTube help:

When you buy YouTube views, you pay for bots or some other technique to attain a high number of views for your video. Though these views are fake, it appears as if they are real and the video has been seen by many people. This grabs the attention of other original viewers when they are surfing YouTube, thus increasing your view count. The same new viewers can also depend on the description, thumbnail and the title of your video; however it does not guarantee the quality as well as the X-factor of it. A higher view count is generally compared to great quality.

How to buy YouTube views:

If you are sure that you want to buy YouTube views for your channel or video, ensure you buy from a provider who offers good quality. If you end up selecting a cheaper option, there’s a high chance your page will be showered with spam. In extreme cases, this might even lead to termination of your channel Paid views have never received great feedback as some vendors don’t provide the quality of work they get paid for. So while you buy YouTube views, research on the provider before you invest your time and money in them. Review their website and search for complaints against them on Google, if any.

Buying YouTube views: A need or just a trend:

It’s obvious that having high number views for your video on YouTube will get you more viewers browsing the site under same category. However, remember that when you buy YouTube views, there is the risk of losing the authenticity of your work and company as a whole in case you get exposed. Still, we cannot ignore the benefits paid views bring along when utilized properly. If you’re trying to start fresh or get some attention to your already existing videos, buying views on YouTube will help you majorly in sailing through the fierce competition.