Word Cookie Tips and Tricks

One game which intrigues the player intrigues the gamer till today is the Word Cookie game. It may look very simple and the moment you start playing you just get hooked on to it. This word finding game can be played at anytime with any mobile devices. This game has been made famous by its creator Bit mango.

To start the game the first few puzzle packs are comparatively easy to finish like the Butter Level. There are various levels like Milk, Banana, Coffee, Oatmeal, Vanilla and list goes on as the letter words get tougher. The goal is to find from the letters the correct words. Care should be taken as certain words are not accepted. Repeated trials may sometimes not lead to the correct word, take a break, keep the mind fresh and get into the next level. There are clues to find the correct letter to the word and the word cookies answers on the site too, it is best to figure it out ourselves.

Hints which help as the game gets challenging it is wise to save up all the coins earned, as the coins can be redeemed to get the clues only in a dire situation.

Usually the easier words are easy to notice and a little methodical playing will help in advancing to the next stage of the interesting game. The two letter word combination can be tried and then go on to the three letter words which boost the confidence of the player and keep playing the next sets. The letter cookie in your oven has to be organized into words, which really improves vocabulary, challenges your brain to think out of the box. Word Cookies are virtual treats to player’s mind, so enjoy letter hunting as the apps get updated every time.