Whatsapp Spam Messages and Hoaxes – How to Block Them and Avoid Them?

As with any social media app, Whatsapp also has its share of hoax messages, spams and phishing which irritate and annoy. Some of these have viruses which when encountered can be quite a nuisance.

This is a very popular instant messaging service used by families, friends, office colleagues individually and in groups. And because of its wide usage, it also has become a veritable medium of fake news, spam links and messages. How do we avoid this Reviewchain? It is important to know how to identify spam whatsapp messages and hoaxes on the network.

  • When you see an unknown link asking for personal information, avoid it by all means.
  • Do not try and activate a new feature on Whatsapp by clicking on a link. Whatsapp is a free messenger service and will continue to be ‘free’.
  • There is no exclusive version of Whatsapp that is available for only an elite few. All features are available for everyone for ‘free’. Do not follow bogus claims of any new version available only for those who activate links or share any information.
  • It is necessary that you know when a new feature is introduced in the app, it is done through an update in the play store from where you downloaded it. The app creators will not be sharing updates on new features via messages.
  • And lastly, the very annoying whatsapp message which ask you to forward a message to ‘n’ number of people or groups to avail of some discount or get good luck. Do not give in to such mindless forwarding tricks.
  • You can block and unblock any contact from sending you messages, you can ‘mute’ and ‘unmute’ any conversation thread and retain your sanity.

The best way to avoid spam messages and hoax forwards is to delete them without clicking their links. And if you still continue to be spammed with harsh messages and shady links you can report them to Whatsapp using the Contact Us option in the Menu settings, About and Help tabs.