Things about Madden 18 that the pros are not very fond of

Things about Madden 18 that the pros are not very fond of

With all the hype about the new features to be included in the Madden 18 the players are all eager to experience them. But there are also few features which are not so great about this new release.

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Back to the new release, here are the features of the Madden 18 that we do not like much:

  1. The Longshot is not something that several experienced players would like:

It is undeniable that this new feature might attract a lot of new players. The beginners in particular might be fond of the simplicity of this mode. For the pros however this might be a big turnoff. The game might end too soon and you might not even get a slice of NFL.

  1. Target passing:

This is definitely a great feature that is to be included. Remember that if you do not know the game well you would not be able to make the best out of this feature. It might lead to a lot of misses if not planned well.

We cannot deny that the developers have put in a lot of efforts to key in some intuitive additions to the game. But the release of the new features list makes it appear as if the new players are targeted more with this release. The game would focus more in attracting new players and increasing the league. The existing players too would experience some fun cool features. And with the league likely to get bigger the game is also expected to get more interesting. About the actual gameplay we would have loved it I we had got some more clarity on the same.