The three best ways to campaign for social media

After being a social media mogul for the best part of four years now, I decided the time was right to write a small post about the three best ways people can use the internet for very powerful marketing campaigns.

Make no mistake though, even these techniques aren’t foolproof. They require hard-work, dedication and determination, to be successful, just like anything else. One thing I’ve learned from social media marketing is that no matter how good your campaign might seem, it takes a certain person to pull it off. But o#if you think you have what it takes, then this could be for you.

I’m no noob to the internet market game, I recently had a campaign that got me over 1 million viewers and over 1000 comments in one month alone. Not bad, and all I had to do was throw some cash at it and the team behind took care of the rest. They’re really professional and really know what they’re doing, I’d suggest them to anybody.

Heres my list of the three best ways that you can campaign for social media:

  • Buy views
  • Buy comments
  • Buy Shares

You might notice that my whole list is compiled of buying, and for good reason. It works. Once you’ve passed a certain threshold of likes or comments, people start to naturally wander on over to see what the fuss is about. Making the number next to the like icon soar.

Buying shares is perhaps the most expensive but powerful one. If somebody with a following of thousands of people shares your post, the publicity you get is amazing, well worth the time and money invested. You’ll see a return from what you put in within a month, at least that’s my experience and many other people that I know.