Dazzling Pictures that make you go crazy!


Many people are under the impression of staying single due to many explained and few unexplained reasons. But, few get married for many reasons, and few of the reasons are the grandiosity that is involved, the overwhelming feel that comes with it, and finally the wedding photos that will make you want to get married. These are the most recent few reasons that we got to hear from people.

Well, what makes a wedding photo that appealing? Why are people so behind it, the sole reason to get married, it sounds magical, but we would want to know! Hence we discovered further to find out the reasons. Read on to know yourself.

Lanterns all the way to light up your wedding night!

Yes, there are floating lanterns, specially sent across on the wedding night, before the couple reach the stage for a cordial reception, in an open air, which lights up the place beautifully. With that you also have lanterns all across the floor, to light your way and brighten your life. Would you resist it?

There’s rain, snow amidst your wedding vow!

Yes, creating rain showers that are as mild as vapours and snow are created to fall upon in the open theatre, to make the wedding ritual more unforgettable experience. We are pretty sure many girls fall up here, to experience this special magical feel.

There are special sparklers created especially for weddings!

Yes, this is absolutely true. You can see people lighting up sparkles all-round the couple and give that sparkly effect to the already beautiful couple, making the night all the more special and bright. Who wouldn’t want to get married in such an overwhelming ambience? Definitely all sparkles for this!!

These are few of the trendiest ones, now! We will be back with more!