Ways To Impress Your Crush

Everyone has a crush on someone at some point in their life. It could be your innocent childhood days in school or your well grown adult years where you are not able to meet the eye of that pretty girl in your office.

There are many ways to impress your crush and using words is one of them. Though it is a clichéd fact that girls love flowers and gifts, words can get your way to her heart too.

Wondering where to Find the words to express your love? Here are some tips:

  • There are many websites online that has love quotes for you to choose from. Rather than taking the first quote you see, browse through the collection. You are bound to find something you can relate to. Probably something that reminds you of her or some conversation you both had. Take such a quote as it will sound more personalized.
  • If she is fond of books, find out her favorite author and browse for quotes by that author. It could be in one of their books or some random quote they used in an interview. Using such a quote will tell her you are aware of her interests and you care to spend time knowing more about it.
  • If she is fond of movies or has a favorite movie (everyone has a favorite movie) choose a quote from that movie. It can be romantic or funny too. Even funny quotes can get the attention you are seeking. It can express your love in a different way.

When you are have selected the quote, write it down in a nice piece of paper or on a card, whichever way you plan to give it to her. Ensure the words are legible and she can read it easily. If you are getting it printed, use a simple font as many fancy fonts don’t turn out legible when too many words are strung together.…