The Best Activities to Encourage Your Toddler to Play

The toddler is the age when the child is learning to be on their own feet, hold things on their own and become independent slowly. This is the age to encourage them so that they not only learn well but also grow up into confident adults.

Yes, you can buy them a number of things that are made for this age from StarWalkKids. This will help them develop their senses one by one, as mentioned on the packages.

Wondering what all you can buy or let your child do at this stage? Here is a concise list just for you:


Get them to play with sand made specifically for kids. These are clean, chemical free and of a smooth texture. Playing with sand will help their fingers get stronger and also improve their grip.


Molding clay into different shapes can bring out the creativity in toddlers. This will also be a good exercise for those little fingers that need to be strengthened and worked for better dexterity in the future.


This is the age they can identify different colors. Get them crayons that are big in size and shape for the helping toddlers get a grip, give them watercolors to play with, etc. The colors will excite them and engage those little minds.


At this stage, they learn to identify different shapes. Shape sorter puzzles are a great way to improve their hand-eye coordination as well as teach them about shapes. By doing this activity, they learn to put the right shape into its slot and understand others won’t fit in.


Get figurines and paper cutouts of animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. Ask the child to match the little figures to the picture on the card. This will help with recognition skills.

Moving Objects

This is the age to move and explore. Buy them ride-on and toys on the wheel so that they keep chasing them and get more physically active.…