A Router Could Be Your Way To Seamless Internet

If you have a good internet plan with high speed internet but still wondering why you still face interruptions? Your existing router could be the reason.

While opting for internet service for your home network, we tend to pay attention to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and may be what plan is best suited for your home network. Often very little attention is paid to the router which often decides whether you can enjoy seamless internet or not.

The next time you experience issues in your internet service, if nothing else seems wrong you could check for certain factors in your router. There are many options in variants in routers to choose from. But there are also some simple steps to undertake to ensure good in

Where is router situated?

Often where your router is placed hinders good internet connection. Ideally a high quality wifi routers for your home should be located centrally at a height away from any other obstruction or gadget. You may still find some dead spots within the house especially with a Wi-Fi connection.

Is your router too old?

A router may also get outdated and not work as well as before. Like any electrical gadgets, a router also has limited working span. Your internet service could be getting interrupted because of an outdated old router. Replacing it may help improve your internet service.

Whether to choose single band or double band?

A single band has 2.4GHz while a double band has 5.0GHz. Choosing which one best for your home network depends upon how many devices are expected to be used. If there are multiple devices being used on one connection then a double band works best. For limited usage single band works perfectly fine.

Must you opt for a Gigabyte router?

With fiber connections becoming more and more common, upgrading your router may be a good option. If you are considering upgrading your router then opt for a Gigabyte router.

Following these simple steps along with a feasible internet plan from a good ISP and your Wi-Fi connection is good to go.…