Building confidence

There are very few who can hold a mike and sing on stage. It is all about confidence. Children need to be trained to sing-speak boldly without being overly conscious of their surroundings. This boldness in kids needs to be nurtured at a very young age. Schools have only now opened up to the fact that all age children should be given an opportunity to stand up in front of an audience on stage or of the stage. This awareness is slowly seeping into the parents as well. But in most cases, parents decide themselves if a child is capable of performing or not. Thus some very smart and extrovert children always bag the chance to speak. It is mandatory to encourage as adults all children from different walks of life to build the confidence to show their talent in front of people.

The exposure is very crucial to bring about a change, comparisons though should be avoided. Children should be first made to feel confident in behaving and most importantly being themselves around people. Not categorizing them is very important as well. Activities like singing and dancing in groups help to reduce their inhibitions. Schools and in homes if kids are encouraged to participate it can really help mold them in the right way. Online and in shops, there are many such consoles which have the best singing games and activities for kids which can be easily bought. Holding a colorful microphone and play with friends, or sing in front of the mirror increases confidence and boosts the self-image of a child. Such games and songs which a child can sing along are not very expensive and a good variety as compared to the expensive games and toys available in the market now. As it is available in many languages it can be bought as per choice.