Art museums have always been a place of celebration for the past. The galleries allow people to look back on the way things were and the way people responded to them in different places, times, classes, and genders. But on Thursday, March 21, the Peabody Essex Museum’s PEM/PM series will change that with a step into art’s future. And, no, no DeLorean is required.

On Thursday night the PEM Atrium will be taken over by some of the Creative Salem organization’s best and brightest artists of tomorrow including the Eternal Lotus Dancers who will be performing a dance routine and light show in one as they brighten the evening with LED choreography. Boston artists Alison Kotin and Risa Horn will be stopping by to collaborate on an interactive work that explores how the audience can become the artist through digital technology and physical interaction.

And the next generation of the North Shore’s art scene gets a chance to shine as the Studio Art program from Beverly High School hosts an exhibition of photographs, paintings, sculptures, and multimedia projects inspired by the PEM’s own displays. At the same time, students from the ArtLink program will present the brand new Salem Public Art walking tour they developed alongside an interactive mosaic project which all can take part in. As if that wasn’t enough, the night will also feature drop-in coaching from social media experts on how attendants can make their own art stand out in the busy online world.

All of this will be accompanied by the “danceable electro-pop” of Br1ght Pr1mate, fresh from shows at Boston’s PAX East 2012 and The Middle East Upstairs where their music, pulled from hacked video game consoles, earned them the title of “the most interesting band in the chiptune scene” from The Phoenix.

David Kostos is a student at Salem State University and an intern at the Peabody Essex Museum. 

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