Letter to Readers — Street box to in box

If you’re searching these boxes around town for the magazine, that was our last issue for a while. Instead of the street box, look to your in box for our newsletter. Sign up online if you haven’t done so before to receive our newsletter each week with our Hot List of cool things to do and our ongoing community arts coverage. And, of course, check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
We hope you enjoyed our 18th print issue, which was the December issue, Ritual.We’ve certainly kept our own rituals for the last two years in meeting editorial deadlines while balancing the creative process. It’s been a wild ride since our first issue hit the streets in April of 2011.  It’s been a daily, weekly and monthly ritual of producing a magazine. Here is an abbreviated version: Plan content, assign stories and photos, communicate ideas with contributors, sell ads, design or receive ad copy, compile calendar and table of contents, edit, flow pages, design pages, copyedit, deliver file to printers, receive a proof, edit again, receive final proof, approve and print, distribute all over North Shore. Repeat.

You’ve played a part by being a reader and perhaps a supportive voice, by telling others about us and making sure they find a copy too. This winter, we will be hibernating with the rest of you. If you miss seeing us on the streets in print these winter months, find us online and in your inbox. See you in the spring.

Thank you to our readers, advertisers, contributors and supporters!

Dinah Cardin
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