Guy Zaccardi to Play at Gulu Gulu

Lilly McCrea


With his rakish mustache and loosely slung neck scarf, he looks like a Frenchman out of the 40′s. After his first song, I turn to Brian Donnelly who hosts the weekly Gulu-Gulu Open Mike.

“Who is this guy?”

“I know. I know. He’s going to be famous,” he says.


Especially when it is interesting. Guy Zaccardi is part Leonard Cohen, part English Pop. His lyrics are poetic. His muses, marginalized and quirky.

His EP The Children in the Park is about the fear and elation of childhood. “Raven’s Wood” and “Break Bones Eight” tell of girl-women who are told to “just sit down” or make are who make “progress” by keeping quiet. In these gothic fairytales, Zaccardi holds a staring contest with the lies and manipulations of the adult world. He layers many different sounds together (ala Andrew Bird) to sketch his meaning. One moment he has you whistling down a classroom corridor to go to your piano lesson, the next  you are dancing to Calliope music at a at a Moroccan Bazaar.

Listen to him here, or go see him live. He will being play at the Gulu Gulu every Wednesday, and be featured there this Thursday, February 21st.

Hot as a Pig from Mapache Films on Vimeo.


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