Local Musical has eyes on Broadway

Jim Kilroy, a Salem resident, has created a story of love, hate, and prejudice that takes place in the red light district of New Orleans in 1910 during the birth of the jazz age. Storyville the Musical is about an 18 year old very light skinned octoroon (a coin termed for a person with less than one-eighth black heritage) girl from Natchez, Mississippi. During her journey to New Orleans in 1910, she finds herself lost in the seedy underworld, struggling with the challenges of diversity and race.

Kilroy has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the workshop production and this local musical has its eyes set on Broadway. Broadway is certainly in their sights with orchestrations by Tony Award Winner Larry Hochman (Book of Mormon). Larry Hochman notes that “Jim Kilroy is a wonderful writer, and Storyville is a beautiful and gripping work of theatre. I was attracted to the score immediately, and upon learning about the subject matter, the characters, the setting, and the history, I became totally intrigued. It has genuine heart and soul, and I look forward to working on its first production.”

“When our lead character looks around on the train to New Orleans, she realizes that she is just as white as anyone else.  She decides to try to pass as white, marry a rich white boy and live happily ever after. She almost succeeds,” Kilroy shares. For the lead character, Kilroy “wanted an innocent girl who would pull at the heartstrings of the audience. But, she had to be brave to set out on her own and go to a big city to seek her fortune.”

There will also be performances by Broadway actresses Jannie Jones (The Full Monty), Jessica Tyler Wright (Pump Boys and Dinette), and nationally known Edward M. Barker is set to debut following a Kickstarter campaign for Storyville the Musical.

Here is a video previewing the production and be sure to visit the Storyville the Musical Kickstarter Campaign!

Kathleen Anne Casey is the Web Managing Editor of Art*Throb

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