Eyewitness: Legally Blond

In case you haven’t read the book, seen the movie or the musical, Legally Blonde follows Elle Woods as she treks off to Harvard University from her hometown of Los Angeles to win back the dry and shallow man that she loves, Warner. Along with experiencing severe culture shock and a few low blows to her confidence and spirit, Miss Woods makes some new friends and finds self discovery.

On June 21, Marblehead Little Theatre premiered their production of the hit Broadway musical, which originally opened on Broadway in 2007 based on the popular novel of the same name by Amanda Brown, as well as the 2001 movie.  Music and lyrics were written by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin.

The opening night performance was overall a most enjoyable evening of musical theatre. The set was wonderfully detailed and highly communicative. Along with excellent costume design, I would have to say that set designer, Nate Bertone and costume designer, Elvira Schoenthal did an excellent job at establishing setting and mood as well as basic function throughout the production. Extra credit must also be given to Kara Nelson and Lara Finn for choreography and to the band for their dedication and attention to detail.

Director Steve Black has put together an excellent cast of extremely talented designers, crew and performers. There were only a few slight hiccups of technical difficulties and general pace throughout the performance, which anyone who has worked in theatre would know are minor wrinkles that iron themselves out as the show goes on.

Three performances to run to the theatre for in particular would be the entire cast’s vibrant presentation of ‘Gay or European’, Sarah Goldstein as Paulette and of course, Miss Amy Strong as Elle. Legally Blonde The Musical is playing at the Marblehead Little Theatre from June 21 until July 1. Visit mltlive.com for more information.

Emma Cavaliere is an actress, writer, director and photographer living on the North Shore. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY and has worked in theatre and film in both the US and Canada. Since moving to the North Shore in 2010, she has been thrilled to observe and participate in all that the area has to offer in art, nature and community. 

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